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tv   Today  NBC  September 24, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EDT

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when they play "believe." let's listen for a second. ♪ ♪ what am i supposed to do ♪ sit around and wait for you ♪ but i can't do that no sitting back ♪ ♪ i need time to move on ♪ i need a love that feels strong ♪ ♪ time to think it through >> you're girl looking at dancing next to savannah is -- >> shall remain nameless. >> the biggest cher fan probably on the planet. didn't she used to be president of the fan club? >> secretary. >> secretary, okay. >> cher sang a beautiful ballad called "i hope you find". >> it is so moving. ♪ i hope you find it what you're looking for ♪
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♪ i hope it's everything you dreamed about to be and so much more ♪ ♪ i hope you're happy wherever you are ♪ ♪ i wanted you to know that >> i don't think i've ever met anybody in my life who doesn't love cher, ever, you know? just love her. she's such a survivor for one thing. she just delivers. she's one of the best performers live i've ever seen. i saw her in vegas years and years and years ago. and she was doing skits and dancing and singing and it was -- everybody was laughing and she -- >> we asked, what is your favorite cher song and the winner, the 1989 hit "if i could turn back time". >> yeah. that's for everybody over 50. ♪ if i could turn back time
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♪ if i could find a way >> all right, speaking of that -- >> that should be the aarp theme song. >> it really should. >> that should be what they start every single one of their meetings with. >> all right, so if you were tuned into the "today" show earlier, you saw some pretty spectacular stuff. >> hopefully you were warned. if you happened to turn on at a certain time you got an eyeful. >> the babies were being born live on the show. it was weird. i looked up. it was 7:00 and suddenly, oh, wait. >> they are gooey when they come out. >> okay. you know what, that's life. look at the -- >> new york, boston, houston, cleveland. >> every one of them as precious as can be. and -- >> i still can't get over that umbilical cord thing. you know, there are miracles in life and the umbilical cord is really maybe the major one. >> wow, wow, wow, wow. >> whoa, that was right there -- >> that wasn't a cesarean. >> okay. >> all righty then.
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how was your weekend? >> i can't remember after seeing that. my weekend, it was absolutely glorious back here. i was tweeting away. i was taking pictures and tweeting away and having such a good time. >> let me tell you, your pictures are spectacular. follow kathie on twitter. she is kathielgifford. >> you had the travel weekend from hell. >> if you traveled this weekend, you knew terrible storms were everywhere, giving a speech at the junior league in kansas city, got diverted to st. louis, it was one of those -- anywhere, there is the junior league. i made it. it was a nice group. it was their 100th anniversary, so it was a fun day. then i went to d.c. and it started pouring, the rain was following me. there was a book signing at the national book fair and great, great, great people there, signing books. downpouring anyway, they didn't care. they were sweet. my mom obviously was there, i wore the same dress two days in a row.
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i was lazy. i pack one dress and that's all that matters. that's the woman that led me throughout, my guide. and at the end of the day. >> you got your reward. auntie hoda came home. a big night for other people last night than you. you were in your jammies and watching the emmys like everybody else. neil patrick harris was the host again for the emmys. >> what did you think? >> i went to bed after about an hour because i'm old and i cannot do what i used to do. i knew with the roundup -- everybody would be talking about it anyway. i thought the stuff with the tvs went on too long, the opening. i liked the other hosts showing up and giving him grief about it. i thought it was cute. jimmy kimmel, jimmy fallon, every jimmy in the world except jimmy smith. i never saw him. there were some surprises. >> when i knew it was going to get off to a good start is when tina fey and amy poehler were in the front row and after the opening monologue was over, they jumped in. >> take your pants off. take your pants off!
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take your pants off and twerk it. >> yeah. i came to the awards show for the twerking. >> no, stop. i'm not twerking. i'm not going to do that. that would be degrading. >> yeah, it might be degrading, but we would be degrateful. >> you guys think you know what america wants? why don't you get up here and kick things off. ladies and gentlemen, our first two presenters, from "parks and recreation" and "30 rock," and the bit we just completed, please welcome tina fey and amy poehler. >> they wrote that. it seems like they did anyway. tina went on to win the next -- >> i love them. they don't care. they couldn't care less. >> that's what makes them -- you have to be fearless to be funny, truly funny. you do. "modern family," no surprise. they won for the fourth time. "breaking bad" won for best drama for the first time but bryan cranston lost to -- >> very upset. >> except for jeff daniels' fans, they were happy. >> everyone seemed mad about the
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"breaking bad" thing. they were very upset. no one could believe it. they were livid. >> don't you think jeff daniels' wife was happy and jeff daniels' mother and jeff daniels' children? she's a fantastic actor and he had won three times before. you got to spread it out a little bit. >> i think that's what they do. i think people get bored with the same either show or person winning and every now and then they give it to someone else. >> who knows? i don't know why we're not voting for that? who votes for the emmys anyway? >> i don't know. >> but "the voice," congratulations, won best reality show after that other show -- >> "the amazing race" won for a million years. >> see? >> and julia louis-dreyfus for best actress in a comedy, a very, very funny speech. >> i'd like to thank our -- my family. brad hall and henry hall and
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charlie hall, my children are here this evening. >> you love them so much. >> and i love them so much. and i'd also like to thank the cast, matt walsh, cece bradshaw, anna klumsky, and i almost forgot, our wonderful crew in baltimore. thank you so, so much and thank you to the academy and to hbo. thank you so much. >> that was perfect. perfect. >> you turned me on to that show. and it is so hysterical. she's amazing. that whole cast is perfect. >> look at cher -- i can't stop looking at cher. we love you! >> will you stop looking at cher! she is -- >> i'm sorry, i haven't seen her in 25 years and she looks better than she did 25 years ago. >> what is going on in the orange room. >> a lot of cher stuff over there. >> so much stuff going on over there. >> oh, my gosh.
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>> best supporting actress. let's see that really quick. this may have been the best speech of the night because it was so short. from "nurse jackie". >> thank you so much. um, i got to go. bye. >> she later explained that she was about to cry and couldn't remember anything and she thought she was going to lose it, so she thought it would be -- i thought it was planned. >> i thought it was perfect. what is your favorite thing? >> besides you, miss hoda, my favorite thing is this is from hourglass, a lip treatment oil. you say so what? i get really, really, really chapped lips all the time. i do crazy stuff at home with my husband, if you know what i'm saying. it is $42 and it is from hourglass cosmetics. yeah. here's the thing. it has 14 oils in it. but it also has got an ingredient made from sturdy, succulent, which i didn't get the name of, succulent, which when it is tested, it has been tested, listen to this, if you use this twice, a day, for 28
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days, it makes your lips more moist by 6,000%. ka-ching. ka-ching, okay? that means it works, it is worth the money. >> i like it. >> so i'm loving this stuff. >> good one. okay, so i -- >> 24 carat -- that's 24 carat tip applicator. >> it should. >> supposed to be good for your lips. >> it should. >> not that much. >> here's my favorite thing. these are thongs, no, they're hanky panky underwear. >> hanky panky thongs, hoda. >> i call them underwear. let me show you. this is what they're like. here is the great thing about these, anyone can wear them, they're one size and sometimes they have -- >> how can they be one size? >> there is only one size. they stretch. and the great thing is, i've tried other underwear that looked like this, and they say they're like hanky pankies, they're not. you have to get hanky pankies. try these on. try them on. >> no, i'm not going to -- >> no. >> try it during the commercial. >> no, i'm not trying it during the commercial.
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do they go over spanx? >> no. >> then i'm not -- there are people in the world this would be a stretch. >> i promise you, it will be comfortable. try them. try them, please. >> they come in sizes -- >> sarah says they come in sizes. >> thank you, cher. >> they come in a small, real brief, and they come in that. >> and that. i like these, the bigger ones. these are the granny panty version. >> cher never lies, okay. >> is that a real thong? >> yeah. >> are you wearing one of these right now? >> no, i'm wearing the same thing. >> she says it is not the same thing, cher, and we can duke it out. your thong against your thong. >> i'll tell you something about that lipstick you have on, it should kiss your lips for $60. or $45. >> it feels like it. it is $42, i think it said.
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>> we'll wrap up by talking about our -- those are good. >> not anymore. >> will you get those? will you bring them over here? thank you. thank you. okay. you do it. >> since we unveiled our new studio last week, we're giving you the chance to win your very own brand-new living room makeover. >> this is our last day. go to submit a photo of your current living room. we're not breaking down walls. here are some rooms that have already been submitted. erin donley in illinois. >> can't see that. >> right there. >> okay, needs a little help. >> mary ann's living room in alabam alabama. chester. >> a lot going on. >> and monique fleming submitted her living room in colorado. look, we're on the tv. >> put that up on the wall and that will make a lot more room for something else. >> the contest ends at 11:15
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eastern time. >> we'll unveil the winning living room live on october 7th and big thanks to the property brothers for partnering with us. >> cher. no one can turn back time the way she can. and you know who also is here, james spader, i love him from that new show "the blacklist," right? so good. >> we'll be right back. ♪ hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn?
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♪ no matter what city you're playing tomorrow... [ coughs ] [ male announcer ] can't let a cold keep you up tonight. ♪ vicks nyquil powerful nighttime 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ ♪ oh, come on. that is grammy-winning, oscar-winning, golden globe-winning ageless cher performing on the plaza this morning. and guess what? she's still here. i wonder which thing she likes best, ageless or all the wins. >> i would say wins. i'll go for wins. >> yes, yes, that means that's your life, the way you spend your life. she sold more than 100 million records worldwide. she's getting ready to go on tour next spring. her 26th solo album drops tomorrow called "closer to the truth" and we are so happy that you stuck around to talk with us. this is the happy hour, baby. >> thrilled.
2:20 am
>> this is the happy hour, baby. >> i'm happy to see you. >> we're happy to see you. >> how was it singing so early in the morning. >> it was horrible and i have really bad -- i've been having really bad laryngitis from doing all of the press. so last night at 10:00, i was singing great. this morning at 6:00 rehearsal, i was good. and this one, i just -- >> no, no, no. >> yeah. >> you nailed it. >> i'm not going to go there. >> you don't have -- you don't do mornings well, by your own admission. you're not a morning girl. >> no. i wanted to be a singer, so i didn't have to get up early. you know. but, you know, when you're doing movies, you have to do it. that's worth it. but, no, singers don't do that unless they, you know, stay up all night long. >> what is your favorite day? what would cher's day be if you weren't with us, if you weren't singing? what's a heavenly day for you? >> being with my friends, wherever.
2:21 am
not being around any paparazzi. you know, i really -- i would like to ride my motorcycle again because i really miss that. that would be a perfect day for me. or being in -- being in hawaii or tahiti. >> you can't because you're going on tour. >> probably not a big audience in tahiti. >> that beautiful ballad you sang, the first time a lot of people heard that song, everyone was singing along by the second verse, right away you're in. is that song about someone, for someone? >> no. actually, that song is a cover of my miley cyrus version of that. >> what? really? >> are you kidding me? >> no, i guess she didn't have a hit with it, i don't know, because it was just an album cut, they forgot about it, and my producer, who is such a genius, thought that would be good for cher. i didn't even realize it until i finished --
2:22 am
>> oh, my gosh. this is going to create even more tension. >> between you two silly kids. >> no tension. i just got too happy with the sound of my own voice telling everybody what i thought about this. and every interview, that's what they wanted to know. >> we should point out, you tweeted miley cyrus -- >> what you thought about her performance at the video awards. you were tweeting what a lot of people thought. i think it resonated as an awful lot of truth. >> i wasn't tweeting it. i was doing it in an interview. when people were saying what's the deal, then i tweeted. you feel what you feel but still, you know, people famous people, you know, feel they -- need to open their mouth if someone asks them something and i was thinking, god, this is so insightful. >> so you do have regrets in life on occasion? >> oh, yeah, of course. >> have you talked with her about it? >> i met her when she was young. she was a really cute girl.
2:23 am
and she is doing -- she's doing what's right for her audience, you know? her audience is trying to find themselves too. so, you know, it is not -- not what i would love, but still, you know. i sat on huge guns on a battle ship in dental floss and had a blast, but people were, like, take her off the air. >> blasphemous. >> yeah, it was. >> we'll play a game show. and we'll bring in joanne to spin the -- >> come on in, joanne. >> she's our producer and she's wearing a sweater you owned. >> that was -- there is pictures of me in that. >> i don't have any. >> and there is leg warmers. >> she's got the leg warmers. >> joanne, you're going to spin for us. we're going to ask cher a question.
2:24 am
>> kathie made all these up. >> okay. right here. and what is -- when you look back at your life, is there anything you would change? >> oh, god. how long is this show? no, i mean, millions of things. >> yeah, anything in particular that comes to mind? what's his name? >> oh, i can't -- it is too hard. there are things i would change. i mean, look, i screwed up so long, you know, look, i'm so old, as you know -- >> hey! hey! >> as you know, when you get to be our age, we made a lot of mistakes. >> we have, we have. >> and you keep going. who has got time for that? >> cher, we love you. you are amazing. thank you for -- >> it is great to be here. >> new cd out. all the best with the tour,
2:25 am
she's starring. give her some love. >> she's been dying. >> if you couldn't stay up late enough, we have everything you missed last night, and all the other hollywood buzz from the weekend. >> cue the loving. it's time for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is that won't relieve all your symptoms. hmm? [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more sinus symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid gel. thanks for the tip. [ male announcer ] no problem. oh...and hair products. aisle 9. [ inhales deeply ] oh what a relief it is. ♪
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we love cher. >> all right, all the emmy fashions on the red carpet and the moments you didn't see behind the scenes. >> and celebrity sightings. we'll show you fashions. we have james spader. >> we've got a lot of show coming up.
2:30 am
2:31 am
we're back with more of "today" on this monday. it certainly is a fun day out in los angeles. still celebrating after last night's emmy awards. >> a lot of funny moments and few surprises, but, of course, a lot of us watched for the fashion. >> here with the headlines are "extra" most maria menounos and zanna roberts rassi. hello, how are you? >> hello. >> looking fine.
2:32 am
>> maria, you watched the whole deal. what were your takeaways from the emmys? what surprised you? >> i felt like it was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. a lot of highs and lows. and i just loved all the funny. i thought that was really refreshing for the emmys. i loved the host bit and then ending it with kevin spacey, amazing, as his character. julia louis-dreyfus accepting as her "veep" character was incredible. amy poehler and tina fey crawling up the stage. i mean -- >> women of no shame. >> michael douglas' speech, he was something, huh? >> i love michael douglas' speech, you're only as good as your other half, which would you want, the top or the bottom. >> let's talk about the tributes, that was controversial. >> and continues to be today. >> what was the take in the room on that? >> it is one of those things where you can't please everyone. it is that. everyone we talked to on the
2:33 am
carpet for "extra" said everyone should get equal time. i think they'll go back and re-evaluate and see how to approach it next year. i thought the tributes were beautiful for cory and james gandolfini and everyone. it was nice to hear from their peers and the people that meant so much to them in the business. they left such an impact and legacy behind. i thought it was nice to do, but it is kind of a difficult line to walk, you know. larry hagman, obviously, you know, an incredible actor and did so much for our business and it is really sad to see people left out, obviously. so we'll see. >> annette funicello, jack klugman, so many, yeah. >> there were other moments, your pal derek hough showed his moves. that was a highlight, wasn't it? >> incredible. >> choreography, too, right? >> i was so excited. i mean, look at that. >> he looked like baryshnikov.
2:34 am
>> who can do that? >> it is funny, having been his partner on "dancing with the stars," i know he's such an incredible guy and so talented. as i watch him now with other partners, i really do see that he choreographs to your strengths. he's so talented, it is incredible. and i was just, like, i kept telling him, i know you're going to win. i started shooting my video on instagram, i'm like if he doesn't win, i'm going to be so upset because i pumped him up so much. >> we're going to talk fashion. pastels were big. >> huge. something that comes directly from the runway, literally, a week ago in new york and london and pastels were everywhere. we saw gorgeous dresses. claire danes here in one of the new trends, which was also a big trend. this was one of the best dressed of the night. she looks stunning. armani, straight off the runway. >> we love you, but we disagree. we thought it was so unflattering for herody. she's a beautiful girl, maybe it would have looked much better in person than it photographed.
2:35 am
>> it was -- i mean, actually on the runway it was sheer from the waist down. thank goodness she's covered -- >> julianne hough did the sheer thing too. >> did you love julianne hough's dress? >> i did. i like taking risks. she's gorgeous and has the body to do it. >> blue was another big color. >> it was huge. it was big for the girls and the boys as well. we saw allison williams, yes, it was very minimal, but a great shape. also, zooey deschanel, blues were a big trend on the runway. tina fey, this is a great dress. it fit her like a glove. and it was perfect to crawl up the steps in, i think. >> ladies, thank you so much. >> get some rest. >> we appreciate it. >> she was close to a nervous breakdown. >> and miley cyrus, she turns heads again during a live
2:36 am
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♪ all right, time for "today's buzz" filling you in on all things hollywood that you may have missed while you were enjoying the last weekend of summer. >> so sad. from behind the scenes at the emmy to miley cyrus, rob shuter has you covered. he's the creator and editor in chief of "naughty but nice," >> i'm breathing cher's air. >> cher's air is delicious. >> smells like heaven. >> let's talk about miley. >> oh, miley -- >> what are we going to do with our miley? >> a sweet moment for miley. she was at the iheart music festival, radio festival in las vegas, and she broke down on stage, the first time she performed since breaking up with liam. she sang her hit "wrecking ball" and broke down in the song. it was a truthful performance
2:41 am
that was a gift to the audience. >> elvis loves her. he was on the show last week, he's very supportive of her. she wore an outfit afterwards that caused -- >> the kardashians looked positively maudlin. they was with the kardashians backstage with a few cover-ups on her breasts. it looked like pasties and a little pair of underwear. >> they look lovely. >> yes, they do. >> let's move on to oprah, she gave a revealing interview. >> massive move. she sat down with our friends at "access hollywood" will air this week. we got a sneak where she thinks she may have had a nervous breakdown. she was filming "the butler" and working on her network and there was some trouble, not doing very well, and she had panic attacks and anxiety and she was interviewing luke russell, the
2:42 am
gentleman with the breakout, she was talking about it, and she said, i have the same feelings and she got to grips with it when she interviewed fergie who talked about her dad and cancer and oprah decided she had to do something and what she did was cut down some of the stimulus in her life, and get back on the right track. >> that's really interesting. >> we're all human. >> even oprah. >> oh, yeah. >> let's talk about the emmys. there was a lot of controversy over carrie underwood's singing. we're huge carrie underwood -- >> what's the problem? >> this is why people are so surprised. it sounded a little out of tune yesterday, the massive, massive beatles hit. she got 17,000 tweets a minute, the most tweeted part of the entire show. little bit out of tune, people really, really were cruel on twitter. >> listen, we all know this is a
2:43 am
massively, massively popular, for a reason, an excellent singer. so was she hearing properly? usually with great singers, they're not hearing their accompaniment very well. >> she just ignored the haters and tweeted what a fun night she had. paul mccartney sent her a letter before the performance, giving her his blessing. so he was happy about her singing it. i think she was great. maybe it started off a little rocky, still fantastic. >> a reason for it, there has got to be, because she's -- >> she's the best. >> as good as you get. >> andy sandberg got married from "snl." >> he got married this weekend in california, dating for about five years. she's a songwriter. he fell in love with her music first. he went to a couple of her gigs and then fell in love with her. we know he sings too, like, he's had a few controversial songs out there with justin timberlake. >> yes, we like those too. >> all right, rob, we love you. thanks, honey. great to see you. the best new drama on television. >> so good. three-time emmy award winner james spader on what it is like to be on "the blacklist". >> unbelievable show.
2:44 am
♪ ♪ alaska is a very extreme environment. >> 30 foot seas. >> is she back in the boat? >> you go in, it's a really bad situation and we always pull it off. >> is it out? >> they hit the water. >> what was that? >> game on. >> go! go! >> underwater, go! >> the reason i love this job is
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to save lives. >> a lot of the times the coast guard comes before the family. when he's out flying, i do pray. >> i love you. >> everything i throw at it, we do. fall is finally here, and for every season it's here. >> wake up with al. >> all your local weather, travel updates and the day's story. >> the front will move through. >> you just can't beat this kind of weather. >> everything you need to know first thing. >> here's the big thing. >> we're kind of like a killer app in your morning. >> so tap into us.
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three-time emmy award winner james spader makes being bad look so good in the brand-new nbc show called "the blacklist", the must see drama of the fall. >> that's not just by our people. everybody is saying it. and he plays raymond red reddington, a fugitive on the fbi's most wanted list until he shows up at fbi headquarters. take a look. >> good afternoon. i'm here to see assistant director harold cooper. >> do you have an appointment? >> i do not. tell him it is raymond reddington.
2:49 am
>> wow. it is so exciting, this show. you don't see stuff coming and when it comes, it comes big. so good to see you. >> still happening too. we're in episode five now and still the scripts are surprising and you still don't know very much. that's the beauty of it. when i read the pilot, i thought, great, this is a series i can do for five years, and i still -- and questions will never be answered. >> your character is such a unique character, yours. >> he's a very -- he's very enigmatic. but the thing i like about it is he has this encyclopedic knowledge of her and her life >> which freaks her a little bit. >> yeah. and he doles that out slowly, but nothing about him. he'll sit and talk for 15, 20 minutes and you feel like you're engaged in some way and you feel like you're learning something, but you're not learning anything. >> he's quite charming in a creepy way. >> in a criminal kind of way,
2:50 am
yeah. >> what do you draw on for that? >> you know any criminals? >> i know a couple. >> me too. >> my ex-cpa is in jail. guy i went to the prom with, spent a lot of time in prison. i know a few. >> charismatic at all. >> charismatic, oh, boy, charming. >> charming. >> my cpa is pretty charismatic. tell us about -- tell us about your co-star. this is the first time -- she's fantastic. >> she's great. >> fantastic in this. >> she is very unique feel about her, and sensibility. >> innocence about her. >> and i love that she's -- sort of this fish out of water, who is, you know, very -- >> her first day on the job. she's having a tough first day. you think you're the only one. >> are we watching this now? >> yes. we talk over it. >> believe me, the shoe leather that this one wears out during production, i mean, i --
2:51 am
>> you're handcuffed. >> i have my bits sitting in the chair. and then i, you know, go back to my house and she's still running and jumping. >> when you hear the rave reviews, does that make you cringe a little, does it make you excited? what does it do? >> i don't take a moment to reflect on it. i don't really -- it is wonderful, you know to have people respond, because it allows us to stay on. and the alternative is terrible. but once you sort of clocked that -- >> you're never on the unemployment line. >> no, you're not. >> you're in something brand-new and i think what happened to -- i didn't know the last show was off? we're not going to worry about you, james spader. >> please don't. >> you're in the smash hit of the fall, no matter what you say. >> it is called "the blacklist," premieres tonight on nbc at 10:00, 9:00 central right after "the voice". >> amazing. from primetime to daytime, we have some of your favorites from "days of our lives". >> first this is "today" on nbc.
2:52 am
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2:55 am
like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. who doesn't know those iconic words for more than four decades. they have been heard millions of living rooms all around the world. >> "days of our lives" has scored 36 emmy awards and just one this year, outstanding daytime drama. now the busy cast members are sharing some of their secrets to balancing a hectic schedule with a healthy lifestyle in a new book called "days of our lives better living". >> you know deidre hall as dr. marlena evans. kristian alfonso plays hope james brady. >> james scott plays e.j. dimera and galen gering is rafe hernandez.
2:56 am
>> welcome. >> whose idea was this book. very clever. >> our executive producer created first book. this is the second one. it encapsulates all the best of the actors of "days of our lives." five areas from nutrition to health to exercise and spirituality, and everybody contributed their best stuff. >> and it is all different. >> what is wonderful about the book, it gives the audience the opportunity, with twitter and everything, they're allowed to learn a little bit more and we can communicate a little bit more. but this is a book that really allows them to get to know us as people instead of actors. >> because they love that. they feel like they know you anyway. >> and we share home secrets, fashion and health and you'll find out things about james and galen. >> like what? >> what we will find out about james? >> i don't know. >> he's an incredible photographer.
2:57 am
>> i have so much photography. photography is something i enjoy, so that's in the book a little bit. and i've never been in the mountains, you can see me. that's one of my photographs there actually from a trip to burma i took recently. >> burma, what a great spot, huh? >> wonderful. >> yeah. what will we learn about you? >> yes. >> you're going to have to look in the book to find out. talk about some of the things i love to do outside of the show. landscape design, architectural design, how i stay fit, there is some boxing stuff in there and cooking, things like that. twerking. >> you know -- >> twerking? >> twerking on set. >> are you serious? >> i'm not. >> deidre, you talk nutrition, that's important to you. >> it is. it is important to all of us. it is just -- it is how we sustain ourselves. >> right. >> and you play a doctor after all. >> i play a doctor on television, yes, i do. >> people come up to you crazily enough and say, i got this ache, do people still -- they think you are a doctor are people still -- >> i think like all of us, it happens.
2:58 am
i get told things i should never be told because i play a psychiatrist. and people feel completely comfortable in sharing stuff that they wouldn't share with anybody else. >> the jewelry you're wearing -- >> thank you. >> that's part of your part of the book. >> it is. it is. i've been designing jewelry now for about eight years. it all started by accident, but now i've expanded. before it was hope-based miracles, but now diamonds and gems now as well. >> beautiful, beautiful. >> you guys are great. >> i spent about a year on that show, back there, years and -- like the 1980s and i loved it. >> we want to make sure you know how to get the book. >> and in bookstores. >> we'll be at barnes and noble on 5th. so come on down. >> get it signed. >> tomorrow from "chicago". >> and relationship questions. >> we'll talk to you tomorrow. >> and how to never have a bad hair day again.
2:59 am
>> i'm here to help. you and i will get through this together. [applause] [applause]


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